Welcome to Goat Town!

Welcome to Goat Town! All things goat in the heart of Vermont. Known for hill farms, small manufacturing and strong community, this Central Vermont area is home to a group of entrepreneurs whose creative businesses all revolve around goats.
milesanddaryll          donandallison

Miles Hooper and Daryll Breau (l) and Don and Allison Hooper (r) 

Owners of Ayers Brook Goat Dairy  
Striving to exemplify the highest standard of animal husbandry and care for the land 
At Fat Toad Farm we get goat milk from Ayers Brook Goat Dairy and Vermont Creamery for our Goat’s Milk Caramel sauce!
Calley Hastings of Fat Toad Farm 
Makers of award-winning Goat’s Milk Caramel 
Fat Toad Farm  Traditional Goat’s Milk Caramel made 7 miles up the road!
Quality gloves made in Vermont for nearly 100 years

Best gloves for feeding goats and farm work! Made by Green Mountain Glove 3 miles down the road!
Miles Hooper of Vermont Chevon 
Premium goat meat raised with consideration for the animals, environment and community
Adeline Druart, Kara Young and Matt Reese from Vermont Creamery 
Consciously crafted delicious dairy that tastes better because it is better!

Vermont Creamery makers of award winning fresh and aged cheeses and butter

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