Caramel Loves Cold Brew

Vermont Artisan Cold Brew Social Media.png

One of the many great things about collaborating with a Vermont company is being able to visit and learn more about their story and process! 

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, located in Waterbury, Vermont, has been roasting specialty coffee to order since 2001. Owned and operated by Mané Alves, Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea specializes in sustainably sourced single origins and expertly crafted blends. Mané spends a lot of his time traveling to coffee producing countries throughout Central America, South American and Asia where he teaches seminars on coffee production and discovers unique lots of green coffees that he purchases and ships back to Vermont.

Earlier this summer, we spent an afternoon with Maxwell Duquette, Product Development Lead at Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, learning about the process of receiving green coffees from around the word, to roasting them to perfection, to cupping, to learning about the various flavors and aromas that each different bean variety can have.


With Maxwell’s extensive knowledge, we were able to find a coffee with the perfect profile to match our goat’s milk caramel sauce. Our final selection was a Columbian coffee that Maxwell described to us as the classic “welcoming beverage”. With its notes of cherry, chocolate and walnut, we could not agree more that we had found the perfect match! 

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 9.47.11 AM.png

We are proud to introduce our new collaboration with Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea and our revamped Cold Brew Coffee Goat’s Milk Caramel Sauce that has been lovingly developed from farm to jar! 

Some of our favorite ways to enjoy our Cold Brew Coffee Caramel include caramel sticky bunsfrench toast, and of course caramel lattes!  

To learn more about Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co.’s amazing story click HERE

Vermont Artisan Collage.png

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