Time for Tailgating!

For some of us, football season is all about snacks! Woohoo! Snacks are our favorite here at Fat Toad Farm and below are our three favorite quick and easy healthy snack recipes. The first step is to grab a jar of Fat Toad Farm caramel then go to http://www.nuts.com website to check out their awesome products including almonds, popcorn and pistachios! Finally, start throwing together this awesome spread of healthy snacks for your friends and enjoy the game!almonds

Get the recipe for Salted Bourbon Almonds here. Get your caramel here and almonds from nuts.com here!


Throw together some scrumptious Caramel Corn. Pick your favorite caramel here and your popcorn from nuts.com.


Put together a beautiful cheese plate including caramel that balances salty foods like pistachios. Find yummy pistachios here!

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