So fresh and so green, green

I swear, there is nothing, NOTHING more beautiful or inspiring than spring in Vermont.  I know I prolly say this about all the seasons (except the mud season), but there is something special about spring – especially this year – after such a long, horridly frigid winter.  The lilacs around the farm have started to bloom and send their subtle, sweet perfume wafting through the open windows of the farm kitchen.

And the hostas are slowly unfurling their beautiful broad leaves.  Is there a color called ‘New Green’?  There should be.  That light green-yellow color of brand new leaves, slightly transparent,  full of promise.  I love it, and it is EVERYWHERE.

The goats are big fans of ‘New Green’ as well.  As of this week they have officially said ‘Goodbye’ to hay and ‘Yahoo!’ to fresh, new green grass.   As they fan out into the fields in the morning their happy bleats sounds an awful lot like, ‘hallelujah!’.

So, here we are, adjusting to the rhythm of yet another summer in Vermont, loving the feel of the sun on our faces, the thrill of an impending thunder storm, the sounds of nesting birds, the smell new growth, and remembering why we love farming (it’s easy to forget in February).

Come join us in our warm weather revelry!  Fat Toad Farm is open for tours on the weekends and holidays throughout the summer and our little farm store, where we sample and sell our farmstead goat’s milk caramel sauces and local cheeses,  is open 7 days  a week.   Give Judith a call for more details: 802-279-0098.  See you on the farm!

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