Kids & Kids

On Thursdays I get to bring my son Driscoll (16 months, beginning walker, advanced mischief-maker) to work with me at Fat Toad Farm to play with his grandpa Steve and “help out” around the farm.  Last Thursday it finally warmed up enough for a real outside adventure in the snow… and of course a trip to the barn to say hello to the goats.

On the way out of the farmhouse grandpa Steve gave Driscoll a bone to feed to the dogs (Drisc ADORES dogs) but when they got outside all the canines had skedaddled, so Driscoll brought the bone to the barn with him and proceeded to offer it to every goat in the yard.  As it turns out, while the goats will eat your pink winter boots, they will not eat a dog bone.  Better luck next time, Drisc!


Just when we thought our barnyard couldn’t get any cuter… we added a toddler.



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