The wind, oh the mighty wind

…is blowing in gales outside the farm kitchen window:



We are tending our trusty wood stove with even more love and affection than usual lest it die out and leave us to face the merciless wind alone.  The weather has been completely ridiculous this week – even for Vermont. Yesterday it was 40 degrees outside and raining, 12 hours before that, -16 overnight and freezing my nose hairs.  The temp is perilously close to zero again today – the mercury reports 7 degrees.  Eeesh.  A good day to stay inside!  …or even better, head south to the Virgin Islands for two weeks on a warm beach like our fearless farm leaders, Judith & Steve, are doing as I type.  A much, MUCH needed vacation from the farm chaos and that pervasive layer of ice now mischievously hidden under a a thin layer of snow.

Stay tuned for more entertaining updates from all of us Fat Toad Farmers as we flee the arctic for warmer climes during this brief break in the madness that is farming.

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