The Great Goat Milk Caramel Collaboration

ftf bpf photo  2 IMG_6258-980  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

Just a little ways south in Vermont you’ll find Big Picture Farm run by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell – lovey friends and comrades in goat wrangling.  A fellow farmstead goat milk caramel producing operation, Big Picture uses milk from their herd of beautiful goats to make outrageously delicious goat milk caramel candies in absolutely gorgeous packaging.  We thought a collaboration was a natural fit for the holidays.  Included in this awesome gift ensemble is one 8oz jar of our own velvety goat milk caramel sauce along with a 12 piece farm box of Big Picture Farm’s deliciously rich goat milk caramel candies. With this ensemble you are truly getting to taste the sweet treats that Vermont has to offer – so we made up this special limited edition tote bag ‘Vermont is Sweet’ to go along with it.

All your friends will be wanting one too! ftf bpf photo1 IMG_6287

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