Ghost Milk Caramel & Caramel Popcorn for Halloween

Check out our new Halloween  Goat’s  Ghost Milk Caramel Duo just in time for Halloween!  

Two jars of our delectable Vanilla Bean Goat’ Milk Caramel, each accompanied by a (free!) hand-stamped Happy Halloween gift tag with a recipe for caramel popcorn on the back.  This is the perfect gift for that friend or family member who goes BERSERK for Halloween – the one with the elaborate handmade costume, who goes all out with the candy & goodies, and enjoys scaring the pa-tooty out of unsuspecting kids – THIS is the gift.

In the midst of final recipe testing yesterday, my sister Calley declared (in between mouthfuls of deliciously gooey caramel popcorn) that this might be the best recipe we’ve ever created.  

So irresistible and SO EASY – this recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.   …especially if there are kiddos in the crowd.  Our caramel popcorn is just uniquely sweet enough to keep you hovering over the popcorn bowl all night long, but not so sweet that your kids will never sleep again.  It’s a win-win!   So, get your pop on and happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen from Fat Toad Farm.

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