Get your kicks on route 66! …or like, two miles off 66 at Fat Toad Farm

The man (the only man) behind Fat Toad Farm, Farmer Steve, generally avoids the spotlight whenever presented with an escape route.   You can more reliably find him in the meadows surrounding our family farm, or driving his “convertible” (as he now refers to his farm truck – see photo below), through the fields carting water for goats.  BUT, last week VPR contributor Ric Cengeri caught the farmer himself in between chores and chatted him up for VPR’s special series on Vermont’s Own Route 66.   While our route 66 ends in East Randolph rather than Santa Monica Pier (bummer) it is populated with a surprising number of cool businesses, including Fat Toad Farm (of course), Neighborly Farms, Porter Music Box, and Flyod’s General Store –  epicenter of local gossip.  Lead the way farmer steve

Follow this link to listen to VPR’s serious on Route 66 – you’ll hear the now Famous Farmer Steve in the series’ second installment:

Farmer Steve’s “convertible”:

goodbye to big blue

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