In the Mood for a Delicious Vermont Fall Foliage Farm Tour?

Well then, come visit us at Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield, Vermont!  The leaves are starting to show their glorious colors and will only increase in fabulous-ness over the next couple of weeks.   Our early morning walks out to pasture are my favorite – when the sun is still fighting its way through the fog in the valleys and lighting up the treetops on the hills.

What could be better than an October jaunt along the beautiful the back roads of Vermont?  …And a foliage jaunt that ends with Farmstead Goat’s Milk Caramel?  Please!  It’s doesn’t get any better than that.

Our fully stocked farm store is open everyday from 9-5 and we offer farmer-led tours of between 10am-4pm on weekends and holidays.  Get all your holiday shopping done early, learn about Fat Toad Farm’s hand-crafted caramel sauces (cajeta), meet some friendly goats, and soak in the vivid colors of Vermont in the fall.   Hope to see you soon!

Poppy will be here to greet you!  

Photography by Hannah Reid

One thought on “In the Mood for a Delicious Vermont Fall Foliage Farm Tour?

  1. Such a cute little guy. Loved when he came out to greet us durin our tour. Really enjoyed him being there and the other dog too. Great addition to the tour.

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