The Perfect Summer Party – Made Especially Delicious by Fat Toad Farm Caramel

The tastiest and most adorable summer party EVER from Avery and Augustine.   Featuring homemade roasted peach caramel popsicles (using Fat Toad Farm’s Original Caramel, of course) – the perfect summer treat to beat the heat.

Even typing is making me sweat.   My 9-month old son us upstairs trying to nap with his bum sticking straight up in the air and his hair plastered to his forehead (like his pops, the little man was not built for heat) dreaming of the day his mom will be able to pull off a fabulous birthday part JUST LIKE THIS ONE for him.  He’s a little young for salt water taffy yet – he’d likely enjoy eating the wrapper more than the taffy itself – but someday.  Someday….

Thanks Avery and Augustine!!

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