Graham Cracker Cajeta Pops

We just made these graham cracker cajeta pops for ourselves the other day and they are seriously delicious.  Like, really insanely delicious.   I think it’s the graham cracker/caramel combo that really does it.  SO GOOD!

Graham Cracker Cajeta Pops

Makes 5 graham cracker cajeta pops



5 (8oz) paper cups

3 3/4 cups of vanilla ice cream

5 Graham crackers

1 (8 oz) jar of Fat Toad Farm goat’s milk caramel (Cajeta)



Crumble one graham cracker between your fingers until its very fine into the bottom of each cup. With a fork, mix in 1 Tbsp of caramel until the broken up graham crackers stick together. Pack down into the bottom of the cup. Use an ice cream scoop or a spoon to add a layer of ice cream (about ¼ cup). Then add 1 Tbsp of caramel, ¼ cup of ice cream, caramel again and then end ¼ cup of ice cream. Pack down from the top until everything sticks together. Insert a popsicle stick and freeze for 2 hours. Take out of the freezer, cut off the paper cup and enjoy!

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