Vote for the Fat Toad Farm story!


So, I’m not big on contests – mostly because I never win – but the My Story My Ad Contest hosted by the Specialty Food Association seemed like a worthy one to enter on behalf of our family, goats, and tasty caramel sauces.

Yes, this is essentially a popularity contest, again, something I would personally avoid like a root canal, but luckily, this one is all about how awesome FAT TOAD FARM is, not me.  Phew!  The winner of this contest wins their own ad campaign and a 3 day trip to San Francisco.  Yahoo!

Vote for us here and we’ll bring you a burrito from the Mission in San Francisco!*

Vote for goat!


*We probably won’t actually bring you a burrito – that would be tricky with the planes and all.  How about a photo of a burrito just before we eat it?  🙂

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