Survived the Fancy Food Show!

We are alive!  And we are back among the trees and (soggy) pastures where we belong after four wild days in Manhattan doin’ it up at the Summer Fancy Food Show, exhibiting our farmstead goat’s milk caramel sauces.    WOOOO!!

Food Show Signs

Despite the Herculean effort it took for us to get ourselves organized and down to NYC (I almost had a heart attack speeding through the Lincoln tunnel in our fully loaded van) we couldn’t be happier with the way the show went down.  Our booth looked fabulous and we got to spend three days among the foodiest of all foodie crowds on earth.  FTF FFS Booth-2013

Personally, I am over the moon to be home.  This trip was my first time away from my little dude, Driscoll (almost 8 months old).  I missed him desperately but also slept longer and more deeply than I have since the kid was born.  I hope he might have missed me too:   Driscoll up close

Lucky for us, we stayed in a friend’s upper west side apartment right around the corner (literally 200 steps) from Magnolia Bakery  (follow their mouth-watering blog HERE) so we were well supplied with baked beauties:  the most beautiful cake I've ever seenSee you next year Fancy Food!

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