One Beach Wedding and an Automotive Funeral

This past Memorial Day weekend witnessed two unprecedented events here at Fat Toad Farm.
The first: An honest to goodness family beach vacation. Every single member of Fat Toad Farm family vacated this little farm for FOUR WHOLE DAYS. Our first family vacation in about 15 years – since us kids were awkwardly navigating the perils of junior high.


What’s that you say? Real farmers don’t take vacation? I know, it was very un-farmy of us. But, Farmer Steve’s brother Proctor was getting married in Bethany Beach Delaware and we just couldn’t miss it.  …plus Real Vermont Farmers Don’t Milk Goats, so we’re already well out of the running when it comes to farm legitimacy. It was a beautiful beach wedding. Proctor and LaDawn glowed like little glowing-glowy glowworms: 

…and I’ve never seen my cousins (Sam, Bill, Ellen) clean up so well. 

The weather pulled itself together just in time for the ceremony, and Sunday was legit beach bathing weather. My 6 month-old son Driscoll provided endless hours on entertainment for family members and seemed to enjoy his introduction to the beach, despite discovering the ocean is freezing and sand is not tasty. 

He does enjoy flying though… 

The second unprecedented event: A sudden and violent death in the Fat Toad Farm automotive family while we were away. Evidently the universe felt compelled to reiterate that farmers must not take vacation and punish us for our Delaware beach transgressions. Our trusty farm truck, Big Blue, was smushed to death by a very large maple tree branch freed from its trunk by so much wind and rain.  Several neighbors and a large crew of guys from Tree Works helped us unburden poor Big Blue (who started up like a champ and the crawled 50 feet to freedom despite massive internal injuries) and dismantle the offending tree.

Well, shucks. Anyone have a truck for sale? 

One thought on “One Beach Wedding and an Automotive Funeral

  1. Hello Fat Toad Farm Family!

    We wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed our visit and tour! Actually, I’d say the FTF Family is definitely a legitimate farming family. Our visit left was with the impression that FTF is able to retain traditional farming work ethics, yet is also able to take advantage of modern conveniences to ensure a quality — and insanely tasty — hygienic product. It was the experience of a lifetime to meet all of you, the beautiful ladies making the caramel, as well as the “ladies” without whom it wouldn’t be possible.

    We will continue to be loyal customers not only because of the product, but also because of the admirable small-business culture of FTF.

    (The fact that the caramel is such a convenient and appropriate gift for either Father’s Day or just to say “thank you” for any occasion, makes it an easy and obvious choice!)

    Warm Regards,
    Mindy and Bob

    Hannah: The picture of little Driscoll being help up towards the blue sky is exceptional — maybe you should enter it into a photo contest. Mindy

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