A Vermont Goat Diary

By Fat Toad Farmer Katie Sullivan

Almost every time we design a new piece of literature for our farm, someone accidentally substitutes “diary” or “dairy” somewhere in the text.  Luckily, our team of editors is good at catching little mistakes like this and we haven’t yet printed 10,000 brochures about our “Vermont Goat Diary”.   This recurring spelling mistake is now a running joke here at Fat Toad Farm, so I’ve taken a moment to imagine what a diary entry from one of our goats might actually be like. Initiate dream sequence music here…

“I woke up with the sun today. I never really sleep much anyway- I mostly doze from time to time (I’m guessing that new-mom Hannah understands what I mean). I had to wait for hours for one of those lazy farmers to come over the hill at 5:55 am. I didn’t feel like going into the holding pen for milking- no particular reason, I guess I was just bored. I did run into the milking parlor with gusto, though, and buried my face in breakfast. I LOVE GRAIN! I was a good girl during milking and didn’t stomp the milker’s hand or anything.

After milking, we all went out to pasture. I’m always excited to go to pasture, though sometimes when I get there I decide I want to go home again- again, no particular reason. Today, I ran right out into the grass. Gladys was totally hogging the fescue, so I butted her. She butted me back, we eyed each other, and then she wandered off. Mom fought with Flossy for, like, three hours, and about five other goats got involved. I stepped in for a moment, but it only seemed to make it worse so I went back to grazing. I snuggled with my daughter, who really loves standing on my back and making me really dirty.

After a day of grazing, cud chewing and resting, a nice lady took us out of our pen and invited us to eat some shrubs. Blackberries are my favorite – they’re just a little peppery! Then we went back home and into the holding pen for milking, which I resisted entering, again for no particular reason.I really don’t mind being milked. By the end of the day, you really “have to go” y’know? The menu for dinner was grain, again, which is my favorite. Then into the barn for hay, cud chewing and rest. Another big day! 


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