5 Lessons I Have Learned Moving Back to Fat Toad Farm

By Boomerang Fat Toad Farm Intern Turned Employee, Christine Porcaro

Run (don’t walk) when you are late

Caramel, unfortunately, does not make itself. Yesterday, I had made the unwise decision to ignore  my alarm leaving me with only 5 minutes to get ready and 5 min to get to the farm, so I literally had to sprint to work.  Luckily I live next door. Unluckily, it’s mud season.

Goats don’t know it’s the weekend

You mean they have babies on the WEEKEND!? I know, how rude.

2013 Kidding season video 2

Making caramel is sometimes similar to the Sand Mandala

Hours of work does not always mean the finished product will stay around, especially this time of year when we are working with fickle, early milk from recently freshened goats.  Although we all appreciate the practicing of the belief in the transitory nature of material life, we definitely appreciate when the caramel turns out perfect on the first try. There is nothing sadder than dumping caramel down the drain… except maybe still having to clean out the extra-sticky pot that contained failed caramel.

pot cleaning

Wear protective eye wear when milking goats

This one is for Steve because he has caught me not wearing protective glasses a few times now. I think he is secretly hoping I might get some iodine or poop in my eye so that a personal lesson will be cemented in my eyeball’s memory forever.

Everyone is good-looking up here

Have you seen the photos on this website? Even the goat’s are good looking! I am a lucky gal.

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