Babies are the same….

By FTF Farmer Calley Hastings

Whether they are goat kids or puppies or humans. Here at FTF we are surrounded by all three.

Learnings from this season include: Crying means they need something. Usually it means they are hungry. Fat little stomachs are a really good thing. Bouncing around and moving your body are all signs of good health. A ‘normal’ birth is still an incredibly challenging and terrifying thing to watch even for the hundredth time. Keeping babies healthy and happy is the most nerve-wracking, anxiety producing, satisfying and meaningful experience you can have. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t slept in 24 hours, if all you’ve eaten is peanut M&Ms for days, if you cant even stand to be near yourself you stink so bad, or if you had other plans—babies win every time and you never regret the time you spend caring for them and helping them ease into this world.

This is me and one of Everest’s little kiddies


One of my Icelandic Sheepdog’s three little pups, born on Saturday.


& the Littlest Fat Toad Farmer – my nephew Driscoll.

Calley & Driscoll

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