Initiating countdown sequence

10 – 9 – 8 – 7…   We are getting mighty close to the baby goat blast off at Fat Toad Farm.  Here are a couple of shots of the astoundingly fat Miss Maddy, who, like many of her big-bellied compatriots are scheduled to launch next week:

fat maddy 2

fat maddy

Honestly, these photos don’t even begin to do her justice.  I’d say she has at least three lil’ guys brewing in that enormous belly of hers.

The girls are still getting out for their daily walks with Katie, looking like giant fur balls mounted on toothpicks.  They waddle slowly but efficiently up the muddy road and back, jostling each other for position and always a little faster on the way home than the way out, eager to get back to the comfort and warmth of the barn.

Enjoy the peace while it lasts ladies.

katie & goats

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