More new babies at Fat Toad!

Post by Lily Baker


Tiny Twin Piglet Yoga.  

The new baby animals at here at Fat Toad just keep on coming.  These are our new piglets, Cayenne and Pepper!  They’re Tamworth Heritage Breed pigs from our friends at Hogwash Farm.  The five pigs we had when I arrived became pork a few weeks ago.  We had ham this morning for breakfast.  Farming life cycles never end.

These little guys are teensy tiny, and way too cute.  They’ve already escaped and wreaked havoc with the goats.  60 adult goats scampering out of the way of two confused little 15 pound piggies is quite a sight.  I don’t know who was more scared, the goats, the piglets, or us!  Luckily they’re back in their own home, and getting fat and happy on extra goat milk and caramel.


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