Today in the life of Fat Toad Farm

Here’s what’s going on here at Fat Toad on this gorgeous Thursday afternoon in June.

The peonies are popping -alluring to bees and humans alike with their lovely scent and pink-pink-pinkness!









Melissa is transferring compost









The strawberries are growing – grow, little berry, grow!









Elisa is feeding the chickens and collecting eggs









Calley, Katie and Lily are processing caramel – fill, cap, seal, repeat.








The irrigation hoses are drying in the sun










Judith is in the garden planting Flint Corn in the garden









Thunder is chillin’ like a villain in the shade









Farmer Steve is on the road today, so our neighbor John is filling in – chainsawing things that need to be chainsawed









…And as usual, I am in the house, clicking away at the computer and drinking heavily… which is especially awkward as I am nearly four months pregnant.









(Actually, I’m working on testing a new flavor of liquor caramel, but the first story is more entertaining.  🙂



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