Goats have Alien Eyes

Post by Lily Baker


My friend Aster lets me take close-ups of her now.

So, first of all, aren’t goat eyelashes pretty?  I think so.  Those weird wispy whiskery lower lashes get me every time.

Seriously though, let’s talk about goat pupils.  These bizarre oblong pupils were one of the first things I noticed about the goats.  EEEEEEK!!  Turns out, though, that goats are not aliens, they are just prey animals.  Just in case you are trying to eat them, they really want to be able to see you, no matter which direction you come up from.  Lots of ruminants (cows, sheep, horses, deer, maybe even antelopes and zebras?) have the same kind of eyes.  Not only are their eyes way out on the sides of their head to expand their field of vision, their wacky pupils help, too.  Goats, like those other animals, have very little stereo-vision (that handy stuff that helps us see in 3D) but they do have close to a 360 degree view of their surroundings.

So that’s cool.


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