Ok, now for real spring is here.

Post by Lily Baker

Amber is pretty happy about grazing.

We put the goats out on pasture for the first time just the other day.  Yay!  They are pretty thrilled about it, and so am I.  After what seems like forever of hibernating, and then about a week of rain, the grass is finally long enough and dry enough for them to graze!  Goats are actually browsers, not grazers, by nature.  They’d rather eat things that grow at eye level or above, like tree bark and leaves.  They’re pickier than sheep, cows, or horses, who will keep your grass mown super short if you let them.  Goats will eat about 40% of what a pasture has to offer.  When the pasture has fresh spring grass and dandelion blossoms, though, they definitely don’t complain.

Blue sky, green grass, yellow flowers, happy goats.  Paradise, pretty much.


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