A Pea Tree Orchard

Check out our crazy new sweet pea orchard!   This is the brainchild of our brilliant and crafty neighbor John of Spruce Lane Farm.  The idea is basically to trellis our sweet pea plants, but by using cut brush instead of standard trellis materials.

A sweet pea orchard

The peas, planted along either side of the brush rows, will (because vegetables always do exactly what is expected of them) club up the trunk of the brush and out the branches – theoretically making them easier to pick.  This strategy, assuming it works, also has the added benefit of purging the neighborhood of unwanted brush.

We are fascinated and can’t wait to see if this works.  We’ll be sure to report back!

p.s. John says the patent is pending.  🙂

One thought on “A Pea Tree Orchard

  1. My sweet peas are growing fast and furious and bcuz its my first time growing them I didn’t realize I wld need a trellis. I am wondering how the branches are working out for you. Seems like it would b a great idea.

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