Know what’s great? The Grader!

Road-scraping steel

By Katie Sullivan

This behemoth, familiar to dirt road dwellers as The Grader, is a very welcome site after a long mud season.  With just a few passes of its mighty blade, our road goes from oil pan busting quagmire to smooth sailing.   At least until more runoff and dampness soften it back to a slimy state.   Maybe we’re just excited to see such a huge, hulking sign of spring!

We also want to send our Congrats to Amy and Hathaway, the winners of the Name a Baby contest.   Tassel and Dendron are the names of our two dear girls.  All the baby goats are enjoying this warm weather.  They spend most of their time jumping on and falling off stuff these days, including their mothers.

One thought on “Know what’s great? The Grader!

  1. Oh my goodness! It’s been years since I’ve lived on a dirt road, but you’ve reminded me how excited we used to get hearing it come down the road. I remember running into the house shouting “the grader is coming, the grader is coming”. Thanks for the memory.

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