Happy Spring!

Written by Elisa Mayes

Happy Spring!

There were definitely mixed feelings at the breakfast table about this unseasonably warm start to spring. Some of us would prefer 3 feet of snow and the traditional chill of winter still to be lingering. Others are happy to be having outdoor meetings at the picnic table and to be in t-shirts. Personal preferences aside, all of us are attuned to how this weather forces us to be ready to adapt at all moments. The snowdrop flowers are out, but we are weary if other buds appear too soon.

 The nearby sugar shacks have only boiled about 5 days, but perhaps a few more days will happen with some upcoming cold weather. So, like the maple sap gatherers, we have to go with the flow. We do spring chores with an ‘eye on the sky’ that winter could still drop snow upon us. We rake the garden beds, we move the rooting pigs before they erode the hillside, we hoe out the barn entrances, and the list could go on.


But while the pigs dig, we will wait until the calendar gives us more security before we get our hands deep in the soil. To keep us fueled we continue to bake and explore recipes. I am on the lard quest as of late – trying to determine how to use it to get the best texture and flavor. So amidst our lengthy to do list, we made gingersnaps (adapted from THIS New York Times recipe) with lard rendered from our Tamilworth pigs.

Upon retrieval from the oven, we turned half the batch into thumbprint cookies – voila caramel thumbprint gingersnaps.  My fingers move






…And of course the babies are as cute as always: d with an extra bounce as I wrote this with a glass of goat’s milk and a few cookies by my side.


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