Name-A-Baby Contest

By Katie Sullivan

Seventy-five baby goats down – 20 more kiddings to go!  With all the interrupted sleep, coffee and hustle and bustle, we don’t have much cognitive power left for the hard part: naming future herd members!   That’s where YOU, our loyal fans come in.

We want to take it to the audience:  Help us name these two cuties!

A doeling born 3/7

Tinsel's Girl

Newest Intern Melissa (YAY! Welcome Melissa!) and Rhoda's Girl











Comment on this post, send us an email, a letter, a carrier pidgeon (we’d be totally impressed by a pidgeon) with your name and a suggested name for each kid (be sure to note which goat’s kid you’re naming), and we’ll pick the one we like best and send each winner their favorite flavor of 8oz caramel!

Some parameters:

  • We almost always pick names that somehow relate to the mother’s name, for at-a-glance herd management.  Let “Tinsel” and “Rhoda” be your muses!
  • We love humorous names – for example last year we named Rhoda’s baby Tiller – but it has to be appropriate  – something we can shout across the barnyard in front of visitors with small children.
  • Nametag friendly: “Grondag: Destroyer of Planets” is a great name, but we can only get 8 characters on the little yellow nametag.
  • We’ll have to eliminate names that already belong to a current herd member, for sanity’s sake.
  • One entry per person, please.
Send email entries to, subject “Goat Name Contest.”

Deadline: March 16th

Thanks so much for your help!

-Katie and the (tired) Fat Toad Farm Crew

23 thoughts on “Name-A-Baby Contest

  1. Will be visiting the farm sometime during the last two weeks of April with my family in Hanover, NH. Purchased your caramel yesterday at Williams-Sonoma in Tucson, AZ yesterday and looked you up. It is kismet that my husband and I will be in Hanover in one month. Amazing. Hadn’t heard of you prior. So excited to visit and bring my 2 year old granddaughter. Thank you.

    P.S. Wonderful website, both commentary and pics. Goat is Great.

    • Hi Janis! We’d be thrilled to have you and your family visit! We have lot’s of seriously cute baby goats for you all to cuddle with. Be sure to follow the directions on our website, sometimes GPS systems and google maps can provide wacky instructions.

      We look forward to meeting you all!

      -Hannah & the Fat Toad Farm team

  2. I would name Tinsel’s girl Snow because that’s seasonally appropriate (tinsel = christmas) and it looks like she’s for a lot of white coloring and Rhoda’s girl I would name Light (because if you put it together it’s phonetically a type of garnet).

  3. Well I will say for Tinsel’s baby- Garland
    And for Rhoda’s-Harper (Valerie Harper played Rhoda in the TV show)

  4. I think Tinsel’s kid should be Gretel- Tinsel and Gretel:-)
    and Rhoda’s well, later on that one. Hugs to all. Thanks for an awesome 4 days!!!

  5. I like “Snowball” or “Snowpoint” or “SnowTips” for the one with white ears and white hooves! :-)) Cuddly cute!!!

  6. Delilah and Mable are cute names… how to connect the the mommies though?

    Tinsel: Greta (Tinsel Town = movies = starlet = Greta Garbo)
    Rhoda: Georgette / Georgia (Rhoda = Mary Tyler Moore Show = characters)

  7. Was in Austin Texas last week. Visited the very trendy Antonelli’s cheese shop. Among a number of Vermont cheeses, was some of your cajeta in the small jars. What fun!!!!

    Naming the kids—give us some more names of the mom’s. I assume you want mostly names for girl kids.

    • These are the only two mamas we’ve been stumped on – the other babies have been assigned names – mostly flowers! We’ll send a full line up of the new additions when they all have names.
      Thanks so much for your ideas!


  8. So fun, and I would love to try your caramel! My suggestions: Merry for Rhoda’s girl {as in Rhoda’s friend Mary Tyler Moore, just w/ a different spelling} and Messy for Tinsel’s girl {as in Tinsel is so messy!}
    Merry and Messy 🙂

  9. Hello Farm!!!! Just to let you know, I named Tinsel’s other girl- Mercy. And she fits it very well. Maybe she could be called Marci!!
    I Love my 2 baby girls that I brought home from there. Oh,,,,
    I named Flossy’s girl- Grace…..

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