A Kid Cuteness Roundup

The baby goat to human ratio on Fat Toad Farm has just surpassed 4-1.  We are sleep deprived, covered in placenta, and badly out numbered.  Fortunately, we are buoyed by extreme kid cuteness and the FABULOUS food that our support crew cranks out for us throughout the day.  Today, split pea soup, fresh cornbread, homemade hummus and carrots.  GOD BLESS Grandmother Ellen, Aunt Susan and Aunt Jane.  Without them, we most certainly would have perished by now!








And now for the Kid Cuteness Roundup:

First, a couple of videos: http://youtu.be/uYSM4zLdyWA and http://youtu.be/6zXcIJXcVHM









One thought on “A Kid Cuteness Roundup

  1. Oh that black and white one is so cute!! I love her white backstrap. Just 4 more days,,, I’m so excited to be amongest te lil’ ones.

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