Bell Curves and Roller Coasters

Written by Judith

It’s fun at the very beginning of kidding season to take pictures, ooh and aahhh about each new baby, write about them, explore one’s feelings about them….that all happens at the beginning of the bell curve….as things slowly ramp up…TO A CRAZY CRESCENDO…. as you go into the top of the bell curve.  Just exactly like a roller coaster.  (Below – Addy and her 3 boys snoozin’)

I think we may be entering the rapid ascent part of the bell curve aka roll coaster very soon. I remember this early stage so well from previous years. You go “Wow, I think I can manage this. It’s all very organized and as sane as birthing gets.” Kind of like when you are chugging up the first major incline of the roller coaster, congratulating yourself on how calm and in control you are. And then the you know what hits the you know what and before you know it, you are beginning to go up a very steep rise that can only mean BIG TROUBLE. In the case of birthing, you go from 2-3 births a day to 2-3 births an hour. And before you know it, you’ve entered the loopdeeloop razzamatazz breathless part of the ride.

What does it look like? Dozens of birthing pens, moms in all stages of labor, babies coming out, babies not coming out, babies being cleaned up by moms (or us if it’s too cold), babies being weighed and tagged, babies nursing or being taught to nurse (really, shouldn’t they have better instincts than this?), zillions of goopy towels on their way to be washed, buckets of clean water, buckets of warm water molasses, buckets of grain, piles of feed hay being replenished regularly in each birthing pen, moms being milked, moms not being milked, soon to be moms still going out on walks, people stopping by to just see what’s happening, people stopping by to get their goats, chores – and eating and sleeping if at all possible.

We’re not there quite yet…but the little roller coaster car is chugging up the first ascent and I’m beginning to look down and I realize WE ARE VERY FAR OFF THE GROUND!!!!! And there’s no going back.
(Above – Rascal and her little one, see the two of them on the move in this video:

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