Whistle while we wait… or render lard, organize freezers, shovel snow and bake while we wait

Post by new Fat Toad Intern Elisa Mayes  (Welcome Elisa!!)

Each trip to the barn our eyes continually search for signs of new born kids, but for the last 4 days we have been greeted only by the sounds of munching and snoring goats, not the ‘bleeting’ of kids.  The suspense is killing us!  But usual, there is always more to do around here than whistle and wait.

We’ve started digging out the last of the root vegetables and squashes from the cellar to make those final warming winter dishes, which feel particularly seasonal right now after the 6 inches of fresh snow we received over the last two days.  Steve jumped on his trusty tractor this morning and unearthed the driveway, among other buried treasures.









FTF intern Lily just spent the last two days cleaning out and organizing all 6 farm chest freezers – that are now half full of food and an organizational disaster after many long months of haphazard pillaging.  Lily is sitting across the table from my right now creating elaborate maps to guide us to success when searching for frozen pesto.  

One savory delight Lily uncovered was lard – an ideal ingredient to cook with our root vegetables, among many other dishes.   It is a delight that is beginning to get more positive attention among food lovers.  Gourmet Magazine and NPR  have both run recent stories focusing on the health benefits of lard, especially lard directly from the farm.

In Gourmet’s article Whole Lotta Lard Regina Schrmabling writes:  “…its fat is mostly monounsaturated, like olive oil’s. Sourced properly (ideally from a farmers’ market), or made from scratch, lard is the ultimate natural food.”  Well we are glad to use it baking pie crusts, cornbread, and sautéing cabbage or root vegetables.  We  sell lard rendered from our own Tamilworth heritage breed pigs in our farm store – stop by and pick some up or try it in some of your favorite recipes, and let us know what you think.  We are always excited to try new delights too.

Off to check for babies in the barn!

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