IT’S BABY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Against all odds, one of our oldest does, Lucy, who looks like death warmed over on her good days, gave birth to two beautiful little bucklings yesterday afternoon.  I had to get up in there and do a little rearranging of babies before we could get baby #1 out, he was attempting to make his exit noggin first and legs tucked back – not a great strategy.  What we really want to see is two front feet and a little nose first.  Baby #1 was out, breathing, and getting a bath for about 4 minutes before his brother arrived in perfect swan dive form – feet and nose first!

Though they won’t be staying with us long, I have dubbed them Ricky and Ricardo in honor of their long suffering mama, Lucy.  As we will be bottle feeding them for a few days (Lucy’s milk producing days are pretty much over) I feel like we should have something more interesting to call them than baby #1 and baby #2.
Here is their big screen debut:

Anyway, HUGE congrats to Lucy, who birthed her boys beautifully despite being one million years old.  We promise you get to retire now.









….And we’re off to the baby races here at Fat Toad Farm, we’ll be back in the caramel business in no time.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more kid craziness over the next month and a half – this is only the beginning!  (Here is Ricky, working on his tan under the heat lamp.)

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