These little piggies go to electric fence school -weeee! weeeee! weeeee! weeeee!

Okay, before I describe electric fence school and all our blog readers decide that we are evil farmers who enjoy torturing our animals – here is a fun video of our happy, ridiculous piggies eating kale plants:

Okay, now that you’re convinced our piggies are general happy and healthy, here is a somewhat hilarious video of electric fence training – a necessary evil if we want our piggies to be able to spend time outside in the fresh air and warm sun.  They gots to learn to RESPEC the stingy fence!  So, on Friday we set up the fence, let the piggies out and turned it on.  We had a crew spread out around the fence to make sure that when our unsuspecting victims did meet the stingy fence, they backed up and ran away rather than surging forward and getting tangled.  There were a couple of really spectacular ZAPS!, I suspect one of the piglets may have actually licked the fence because he went screaming back into his house and didn’t come out again for 15 minutes.  This one I caught on video wasn’t so bad, a little SQUEEK! followed by a full on retreat to safety by all 5 pigs.

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