Four-Legged Zeppelins

In late February, I don’t regret the fact that I am not a goat.  In September, the girls cheerfully outpaced me as they trotted jauntily out to pasture.  Now heavy with pregnancy, they slowly plod on our walks.   At this time of year, the walks keep them in shape and ensure that the kids are properly situated for birth in two or three weeks.










To prepare for milking, we are training our goats to come up the ramp into the milking parlor for grain.  If the phrase “training our goats” brings to mind a circus ring, you’re not far off the mark.  If teaching first-time milkers how the stanchion system works isn’t amusing enough, we can watch as our huge, ungainly does jostle for position like big, four legged blimps.  It must be the goat version of back to school time.  Too bad there aren’t any sales associated with the start of milking!








And last, but certainly not least! –  the goats and the people at FTF extended a warm welcome to Lily, the first of this year’s interns.  We just have to make sure we don’t confuse her with Lilly the goat!  Welcome Lily!

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