Old Trees and Old Goats

Farmer Katie's Christmas Tree Gets Recycled

When you’ve fed your tree to the goats, you can rest assured that the holidays are over and the new year has begun.   Fun fact: Conifers are chock-a-block full of Vitamin C, and goats find them delicious, too.  The only trouble here might be that “sharing” is not in goat vocabulary.  Hopefully Noni (brown, on left) won’t eat all the tender little branch ends before Patti and Sky (center and right) get a fair shake.

I went out the day after this photo to find a COMPLETELY DENUDED tree.  Not a needle on it anywhere.  A few goats lingered and chewed on the bark.  They really know how to defoliate.

In other big news, a few of our oldest does are gearing up to retire this spring, and we’d love to find some goat lovers who’d like landscaping assistance.  These old girls really deserve the best after years of hard work.   If you’re in Vermont and have some livestock experience,  get in touch!

…and of course the count down to the Fancy Food Show continues – four days and counting!

One thought on “Old Trees and Old Goats

  1. What a great picture of your girls at the Christmas tree all-you-can-eat buffet! They’re such eco-conscious recyclers! Very admirable!

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