Caramel Sauce Anyone? Lovely Blog Review by Simply Very Nice

Caramel sauce anyone?

I came across ‘cajeta’ the other day from a gift that I received from my friend Joyce.  She happens to be a foodie and she sent me a gift from Foodzie.  I immediately opened the gift and the first thing I tasted was the Fat Toad farm caramel sauce.  The background to their story is that it is made using goat’s milk and is derived from the name ‘cajeta’.  There are very few companies that produce this amazingly creamy sauce that is commonly sold in Mexico.  I LOVE caramel sauce but finding one with the right consistency is a challenge.  I use the organic Santa Cruz brand found in Whole Foods but I have to say that this new discovery of Fat Toad Farm takes it to another level.  It is by far the BEST that I have sampled.

Fat Toad Farm makes this caramel sauce in four delicious flavors (vanilla bean, original,cinnamon and coffee bean).  The members of Fat Toad farm make the caramel sauce in small batches using organic ingredients and hand stir this creamy mixture for 6 hours!  This alone describes the uniqueness and quality of the caramel sauce.  Visit their website for some great ideas on how to consume the sauce ( .  I had the pleasure of placing SVN’s order with Judith who happens to be extremely helpful and SO kind.  It truly was a great experience despite the hectic nature of the holiday season.

Fat Toad farm is the best addition to any holiday dessert.  Think warm apple crisp drizzled with cajeta or even adding a dash of it to your eggnog.  We added ours to the holiday breakfast crate that is filled with all natural pancake mix,  organic chocolate chips, organic tea and hot cocoa.  It’s a fun way to spend Christmas morning with the family!

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