Sweetness for Self-Reliance

The Middlebury grads running around this farm (Judith, Hannah, & Hannah’s husband Tim) have been very impressed by our alma mater’s stellar work at the Department of Energy’s 2011 Solar Decathalon competition down in Washington D.C. this fall.  The Middlebury project “Self Reliance” came in 4th place out of 19 entries with it’s focus on sustainability and locally sourced materials.  The Middlebury team also represented the only small liberal arts college to be accepted into the competition.  Wooot!


Anyway, one  requirement of the competition is that each team cook a couple of meals in their house to prove that it actually works as a house.  The Middlebury team maintained its focus on locally sourced materials and cooked up a couple of Vermont-sourced meals (yes, I do realize that once all the VT ingredients were shipped down to the Mall in D.C. they were no longer local, but let’s not split hairs here) including Fat Toad Farm Goat’s Milk Caramel drizzled over Strafford Organic Creamery ice cream, brown sugar baked apples with cinnamon, golden raisins, and crunchy granola.  Yummmers!   Here’s a video of the team preparing one of the meals – you can aaaaaaalmost see a jar of our caramel wiz by at the very end.


Read more about this project on their website or in this article by the Burlington Free Press.

Nicely done Middlebury!  Go Panthers!  Grrrr.


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