“Pardon me, but your goat is pink.”

“Pardon me, but your goat is pink.”

(There is only one clear sing choice for this post:  PINK by Aerosmith.  Obvi.)

While giving tours to visitors at this time of year, many people can’t help but observe that some of our goats are currently painted pink, a few yellow, and some green.
Why is this?

Goats need to breed each year in order to give milk in the following year. Fall is when a goat’s fancy turns to love, and all of the goats get fidgety and hormonal. Our bucks, who have spent the summer in their bachelor pad eating pizza and watching television, or rather eating hay and watching the pigs romp, are called to duty. Before they go to meet the girls, however, we outfit each with a grease paint marking harness. Each day in the milking parlor, we look for new markings and note the date so that we know when to expect kids to arrive. This fall, Thunder, Evan, Obi and Mr. Buckley are our herdsires and are looking as handsome as ever with their sweet beards.

So if you come to visit us (please do come visit us!) don’t be troubled by our pink and green goats. A pink goat now means adorable kids, milk, cheese and of course caramel in the future!

Post written by the eloquent Katie Sullivan
Pictures taken by the talented Pam Chew

One thought on ““Pardon me, but your goat is pink.”

  1. What a cute story! Another benefit to marking your ladies: now you know who the “baby dadies” are for lineage — and gossip — purposes. No need for Jerry Springer DNA tests!

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