A Toad-ally Important Fundraiser for Evening Song Farm!

Though our farm suffered significant inventory losses of caramel during the Irene flood, we still have barns standing, land that is unscathed, happy healthy animals and we’re making caramel and cheese as usual.

Not all our farmer friends were so fortunate. Kara and her partner Ryan from Evening Song Farm in Cuttingsville lost their entire vegetable farm in the flood. (See photos http://www.eveningsongcsa.com/ ). Kara was in Calley’s Whole Farm Planning class this past year where Kara and Ryan put a great deal of energy into planning for this season.

We want to help them get started again and recoup some of their losses. We will donate all profits from orders placed at the Fat Toad Farm online store on Wednesday September 7th to Evening Song Farm.

Visit our on-line store www.fattoadfarm.com and tell all your friends. Treat yourself or a friend to some caramel or Fat Toad Farm fashion wear. It’s a great time of year to dip local Vermont apples in caramel! Please spread the word and support your local farmers.

For more information please contact Calley Hastings at 802-279-3983 or calley@fattoadfarm.com

2 thoughts on “A Toad-ally Important Fundraiser for Evening Song Farm!

  1. Much love to you both, you are amazing and we love the hat too! We just had the most fantastic Journey’s End Farm weekend with Kristen and family, and all our other friends. Look after yourselves and well done for saving your animals. We feel so very sorry that this has happened to you, but we are very grateful that you are alright apart from your house and land. What an amazing video you shot, you are both so brave. Stay well and happy we support you wholeheartedly, we sang with all the others on the, “Evening Song”, song that was sent to you with all our love.

    Jan & Ron

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