Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in… to keep our goats from getting wet.

It’s been raining on Fat Toad Farm for days.  The goats are hunkered down and quiet, enjoying a lazy hours inside snoozing. They seem to be under the impression they will melt in rain and are reluctant to so much as poke their heads out of their warm dry greenhouse.









In other news, welcome to Mr. Buckley! This is our new Nigerian Dwarf buck, Mr. Buckley:








At first I worried that his name was slightly lacking in inventiveness, but he and I hung out for a little while this afternoon, bonding over a handful of grain and  he does have a kind of a cute, professorial look to him, which fits “Mr. Buckley” perfectly.   Having only arrived yesterday he’s still pretty nervous about his new Fat Toad Farm digs… although it’s also possible he’s just PSYCHED to be in such close proximity to so many HOT lady goats.   Woooot!

I’m more concerned about his height.  He is here to breed with our March doelings and hopefully father smaller (dwarf?) babies to make their first round of motherhood a little bit easier, but at a whopping 2 feet tall he’s definitely a head or two shorter than most of the doelings.  My dad assures me that when this entire herd goes into heat in the fall, height is of no consequence.  😉

Go Mr. Buckley!

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