Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

The Fat Toad Farm team had a fabulous day at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival at lovely Shelburne Farms on Sunday.   I’m not sure how it is that I’ve lived 4/5 of my life in Vermont and never been there before, but jeezum, that property may just be the most beautiful place on earth.

It didn’t hurt that Sunday also happened to be the most perfect summer day of 2011, either.  Huzzah!  We  met a lot of amazing people and ate our weight in ridiculously delicious cheeses, pickles, chocolates, brownies, breads – you name it – if it was tasty it was there.


Our favorite quote of the day: “Oh my gawd! This caramel is insane!  Do you have a straw?”

We don’t have straws, but buy a jar and you can drink it any way you like!



Brilliant.  When can we sign up for next year?





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