Kidding Season Whines Down

By Judith

To be honest, there is a little whining that goes on during kidding season.  Amidst all the wonder and beauty of new life and bouncing kids and maternal mothers and new milk lurk a few things we whine about…just a little.

Like, getting up in the middle of the night.  OK, some nights are nice – starry, crisp, no wind, coyotes in the distance.  But lots more are just plain unpleasant, especially after crawling out of a nice, warm bed – below zero, tearing wind, driving snow.  Ah yes, early spring in Vermont.

And sometimes there’s a little whining when one of the goats decides to launch into labor at dinner time.  It’s hard enough to find time to make meals during the kidding season, but it seems just plain unfair to have to miss the few we do make.

And everyone whines just a tad when, after days on end of wall to wall birthing, taking care of little ones, trying to save weak babies, moving moms and kids in and out of pens, fatigue settles in. Chore time is much, much longer and, of course, you have to add milking twice a day on top of everything.

But that’s actually the point isn’t it?

So, as of March 13, here are the stats.  We have only 4 more does waiting to give birth, 39 have delivered, we’ve had 76 kids, 36 girls and 41  boys, we had  5  sets of triplets (yikes!).   All but 17 of the kids have found new homes.  And we are making caramel again, with cheese soon to follow.  Official end of whining.

We were blessed with an absolutely great team of interns working closely with us through the entire time. Tracy, Sophie and Katie raced up the learning curve of assisting at births and became experts at taking care of the moms and kids after the births…and washing towels.  Steve and Calley calmly handled both the easy and difficult births, learning more each time about all the nuances of presentations and timing.  And Judith provided the life saving M and M’s.  Someone needs to do the hard work.

3 thoughts on “Kidding Season Whines Down

  1. I just want to weigh in on whining. Having just returned from approximately, three days on FTF, I want to commend all who worked so hard during those crazy, somehow that is not quite as intense or descriptive as it should be, days. I was definitely surprised by the lack of whining. It was cold, there was a LOT of snow, there were even more kids popping out, and sometimes you wondered when you’d find time to eat. Those M&Ms were awesome-a great motivational tool, and thank goodness there was always someone with a hand clean enough to feed those who could not feed themselves. I have rarely seen a group of people work so hard, all the while happily looking out and caring for each other, rejoicing in the shared labor (no pun intended). I had a wonderful time. It was an incredible gift for this city slicker. Love to all at FTF. jane ellen

  2. We are ‘late lambers’ and are becoming mentally prepared by following all you early birds’ kidding and lambing adventures. We have about a month to go. Congratulations, on what sounds like a very successful kidding season!

  3. I miss March at Fat Toad! Glad to hear that kidding is going well-5 triplets! Wow!
    Hopefully you’ve all found a little time to rest by now. Maybe I’ll be ready for one or two of those extras kids looking for homes in time for next springs kidding… for now Dave and I are happily anticipating our 4 chickens due to arrive in a few weeks.

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