Wow…where were we?

Having babies that’s right. So, it starts off all slow-like, they let you just ease your way into it— and then bam 10 births a day for 4 days. One of those days being the craziest snow storm. I had to walk to the farm in a foot and a half of snow. My 6 minute commute took me about 20 minutes. Luckily, the Mom that was kidding held off until I got there. There seem to be real patterns of birthing. One day we had mostly boys, another mostly girls, yesterday everything seemed to be going wrong—Moms weren’t dilating, babies were breeched and lots of pulling had to occur. Today was the first day that we’ve been able to take a deep breath. Four Moms kidded today with greatly successful births and we only have about 6 more for this week then a break and then another 6-7 later on.  So, that’s the report from Fat Toad Farm. Caramel production starts up again after a long hiatus tomorrow at 6 am sharp! See you there?

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