You can sleep when you’re dead

Last night I discovered that delivering 5 babies at 1 am is way more productive then being horizontal under warm blankets and dreaming the night away. And once the adrenaline kicks in who needs to sleep anyway. Last night I went over to the barn and after a very eventful day of 8 births for a total of 18 babies (that’s right 2 sets of triplets) there were two moms who had already kidded and another one, named Ash, who was working very hard on her own. The mom’s had done a great job cleaning the babies up (sadly they were all boys) but usually the babies need help figuring out how to nurse. This is either a wonderfully quick and satisfying process or incredibly torturous and long. One of the babies was not having any of it and refused to learn to nurse. The trick that eventually helped get her latched on was to rub her down vigorously with a towel for several minutes. Right away she wanted to nurse and did so successfully. They often need to be stimulated in some way to encourage them to suck. We had another set of twins this morning from our oldest does who were both healthy … as I wrote this I just got a call that it was triplets…. just when you think they are done!

One thought on “You can sleep when you’re dead

  1. Congrats to all! What a wonderful story & the babies are absolutely precious! My fiance (serving in Afghanistan, getting ready to retire in 6 mos:) & I enjoyed the photos very much. Our dream is to have a couple of goats and settle in Vermont or West Va. We’re beginners, a lot to learn. We enjoy your site very much!
    Warm Regards,
    Bob & Mindy

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