Middle of the Night Kitchen Notes

Once kidding season starts, one of us is assigned to get up in the middle of the night to check on the goats.  Since we have over 30 goats due in the first two weeks of March, this makes sense.  Some are bound to be born at night.  Calley and I split the midnight watch since Steve always does the 4 a.m. shift, that being his “normal” time for rising….When I come back to the house, I leave a note in the kitchen about what I found.  Here are some samples.

“1 a.m. – all OK.  Everyone up and eating.  Take Rhoda out of the pen tomorrow a.m.?  (today) Snowing lightly.”

“2 a.m. – all OK.  Rhoda had zero food and was quite plaintive about that.  Babies look OK – not shivering.”

“1 a.m. – Vicky had 1 male and 1 female.  They look good and nursed willingly.  Several others had short strings of goop.”

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