The first ones have dropped…

Here we go…. Well, my Mom and I were standing chatting by the fire and she said, “I bet there is a goat being born right now.” And I said, “yes, could be.” And then we went about our ways because we didn’t really think one was being born and come on, they shouldn’t be popping out until the 28th. But lo and behold when we went over to shovel snow and do mid-day chores an hour later there were two little ones wiggling around on the ground that had been born very recently. Mama is Rhoda—so by default the girl baby is named Dendron and the boy hasn’t found his calling quite yet. We don’t keep the boys but they are fun to name for the week or so that we have them for. Both are standing up and nursing which is great news. Stay tuned for more…

2 thoughts on “The first ones have dropped…

  1. I love this. I grew up with goats running around our pasture in a small town east of Dallas. The goats were pets and they also loved to eat my mom’s roses. 🙂

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