Thanksgiving at Fat Toad Farm

One thing about having a farm is that you rarely get to go away on holidays – which means your family and friends always get to come to you.  We had a relatively calm Thanksgiving Day with only seven people here.  That seems pretty low key because we usually have 5-7 for dinner every night what with our wonderful interns and Josey and Calley stopping by occasionally.  We had such a relaxing time we forgot to feed the animals at noon.  They were none too impressed with our self-centeredness.  They have recovered, however.

The day after Thanksgiving, we were scheduled to host our first tour bus group.  After making sure we had impressed on the tour operators the nature of our road and driveway roughly 100 times, the owner had stopped by the day before Thanksgiving and felt confident his Premier Coach would make it.

What he hadn’t really accounted for, nor had we, was that freezing rain started pelting down around 3 a.m. that day and by 8 a.m. you could barely make it from the house to the farm store without incident.  We had a confab on the phone and decided that was hardly what the 35 elderly passengers had in mind for a farm visit.  So, although we had a fun filled 2 hours planned for them, they headed north to Cold Hollow Cider instead.  Good idea.

Once all this excitement was out of the way, we jumped into non-stop caramel making.  We have lots of holiday orders and need to focus ourselves and our milk on making sure we can fill all of them.  Oh yes, and we pasteurized milk today in the middle of caramel making because tomorrow is cheese production day.

Sunday evening of Thanksgiving weekend finds us doing such things as finishing up “hulling” the dried beans (Virginia is sitting in front of the stove doing that now), packaging up 19 cases of caramel that need to go out tomorrow a.m. ( that would be Allie),  milking the goats (that would be Steve), recounting tales of an unsuccessful hunting season (that would be Calley), thinking about making dinner (that would be me), and finishing chores (that would be Siena).

Ready to launch into December.

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