July Update

It’s been hard to find the time to be inside long enough to sit down and write a bit about the events at the farm. We are in full harvest season already and every moment not spent with the goats or in the production room is spent in the gardening picking bushels of peas and freezing them or pulling out the incessant weeds. The strawberry season has come and gone in a flash, not even enough time to make strawberry shortcake, and now we are picking blueberries for at least a few hours a day.

This year we got a little bored with the quarts and quarts of frozen blueberries in the winter so I decided to take some of our excess kale and juice it with the blueberries and honey to freeze and take out in the middle of a snowstorm for some immune support! We’ll see how that goes… When it’s not unbearably hot out the goats are enjoying themselves on their new pasture. Tons of clover and quite a nice view in the valley, which they told me they truly appreciate. A new intern, named Eric, has arrived and has helped us get our lives back to normal after a few incredibly intense and sometimes unbearably stressful months while Steve has been out of commission with his broken leg. Now we are all taking a deep breath, enjoying wonderfully abundant harvest meals at night together and even finding time for a blog.