Thunder the Wonder Goat

Thunder came to us from Colorado this week on a plane in a little crate labeled ‘Live Goat.’ He was very excited to see Steve at the airport. We purchased him as our new buck which will help diversify the genetics of our goat herd. He comes from a great line of milking goats and we are so excited to introduce his genes to our herd. After a while the gene pool in this area can get a little limited and it’s good to keep the gene pool diverse for the health and vitality of a herd. He is incredibly cute and has gorgeous brown markings. We have many black and white Alpine goats and white Saanen goats so we wanted to mix some brown in. We are having him follow us around some as he gets adjusted so that he will be a very tame and friendly buck. There is nothing worse than an unruly buck that you can’t catch! Our two other bucks, Danny and Evan are adjusting quite well… so far.

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