New Farm Store and Border Collie!

As always spring is full of new and wonderful surprises. Most recently in this state we experienced several inches of snow right after a few days straight of glorious 65 degree weather. The biggest issue of course, was that just a few days before our snow tires had been taken off, and the new summer tires led to one car in the ditch! Luckily we got it out without too much fanfare. Other spring news is the renovation of our storage barn into a shipping and handling ‘department’ and a fun new farm store. We hope to have lots of visitors this summer. Find out more!

The most challenging and exciting new addition to the farm is a 3 month old border collie pup named Gracie.  She is in a rigorous training program! Ideally, she will be able to work our herd of goats over the next couple of years. So far she has taken to herding our other border collie Molly. The verdict is still out as to whether this with be a good thing or not! Stay tuned for news about the new greenhouse/barn, the garden and goats going to pasture when all this snow melts! Learn more.

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