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Design by Ed Koren


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“Traditional Goat’s Milk Caramel from Fat Toad Farm is crazy delicious. It’s like dulce de leche, but it’s made from goat’s milk, like cajeta. You can taste the flavor profile of goat’s milk instead of the slick sweetness of cow’s milk (also good, but different).”

Hippo Flambe
The Vermont Foodie Gift Basket including Fat Toad Farm caramel, Boyden Valley Vineyard Ice Wine, Butternut Mountain Farm Maple Butter and more!

10 Fabulous Food Gifts for Under $10

Fat Toad’s Goat’s Milk caramel is a cross between goat cheese and buttery caramel candy. It is made from happy goats on a small, family-run farm in central Vermont. Try it on pound cake or drizzled over warm poached fruit.”

Sweet Mama Jane

“From one of my favorite local farmers here in Vermont, this caramel is criminally good.  Use it drizzled over ice cream or frozen yogurt, or to decorate a pie plate for restaurant level fancy-shmancy-ness.  Stir it into a cup of coffee to take your morning to 11, or dip apples in it and call it health food.  I am not going to tell you how quickly the husband and I recently made one of these jars disappear.  And I love the wooden box, which could be re-used as a tea box, or thing for babies to put things in and out of or open and close again and again and again…”

Four flavors of Caramel (cajeta)

Four flavors of Caramel (cajeta)

Order our products now for the Holidays including:

4 jar Caramel Gift Box

2 jar Caramel Gift Box

Single jars of Caramel

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